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[] National Public Radio über digitale Transformation des US-Militärs,

Zur Frage, wie Daten vom Schlachtfeld verteilt und den Soldaten in den
fahrzeugen dargestellt werden, sagt ein Offizier: "We use nothing but
Windows NT systems, that are hardened, to provide HTML products, which
are nothing but homepage products, to
disseminate the information via regular Internet protocols." (bei 5:05
min in
der Audio-Datei

The New Vision of the U.S. Military 
- Anthony Brooks

National Public Radio
March 5, 2002

As the United States military prepares to face new threats, a debate is
taking place within top policy circles. The fundamental makeup of the
military is being reexamined, from doctrine, to equipment to how much
money to invest, and in what. The outcome of this debate will shape how
the armed forces look in the next century, what types of battles they
will fight, and how they will fight them. Its implications could change
the basic understanding of how to wage war, what the future battlefield
will look like, and what it means to serve in the American military. 

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