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[] Kurse der AFCEA,

AFCEA ist die Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association.
Daher sind einige Kurse auch nur für Leute mit Sicherheitseinstufung.
Folgendes also vor allem zu dokumenatirschen Zwecken - was interessiert
die Jungs so im Augenblick. ;-)
Mehr zu den Kursen unter

Timely subjects for today's world -- Courses in the AFCEA Professional
Development Center:
Military Satellite Communications, Classified SECRET.  April 15-19,
2002 **The Military Satellite Communications course covers the whole
spectrum of MILSATCOM programs and issues. It also gives up to date
visibility into the latest OSD initiatives, including the Transitional
Communications Study (TCS) and the National Security SATCOM Systems
Synchronization (NS4R) Roadmap.
Principles of Communications with Applications in Military Systems,
Unclassified, April 22-26, 2002
Government Contracting:  Workshop for Engineers and Project Managers,
Unclassified.  April 23-25, 2002
Advances in C4ISR Architectures, Unclassified, May 7-9, 2002
Global Command and Control System, Classified SECRET US Citizens Only.  
May 13-16, 2002
**This course includes special presentations on post-September 11 GCCS
"lessons learned" -- what worked, what did not, and what changes are
being made.
Automated High Frequency Radio, Unclassified, May 21-23, 2002
The U.S. Intelligence Community, Classified SECRET US Citizens Only, 
June 3-5, 2002
Computer Forensics, Personal Computer Security From All Threats,
Unclassified, July 22-26, 2002
Information Assurance,  Roadmap to Excellence, Unclassified, 
August 26-29, 2002
**The Information Assurance, Roadmap to Excellence course covers the
entire spectrum of Information Assurance issues. The course provides
current information regarding the use of biometrics along with
passwords to achieve multi-factor identification and authentication.
Timely information regarding joint NIST and NSA initiatives in COTS IT
product evaluation using the Common Criteria is provided as well.
Full course descriptions, prices, instructor bio available at our web
site. <> Click on Courses and then
on the course title.
Ann C. Beckham
AFCEA Professional Development Center
Phone:  703/631-6135
Fax:  703/631-6172
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