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[] IT-Sicherheits-Tipps von der NSA,

Vielleicht findet es ja jemand nützlich oder zumindest interessant. Der
Hinweis kommt von Wanja Eric Naef's Infocon-Liste.

National Security Agency
Security Recommendation Guides

E-mail and Executable Content Guides
Download Page

Last update 28-Jan-02

Zipped Archive set of the E-mail and Executable Content Security Guides

The following files are provided in PDF format. IMPORTANT: Please read
Legal Notice before using these documents.

E-mail Security in the Wake of Recent Malicious Code Incidents (281KB)

Updated 28-Jan-02   Guide to the Secure Configuration and Administration
Microsoft Exchange (269KB)

Microsoft Office 97 Executable Content Security Risks and

The 60 Minute Network Security Guide (244KB)

Defense in Depth

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