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[] US Army Wargame 2020 incl. Cyberterror und Homeland Defense,

Die Simulation (das dritte Transformation Wargame) findet vom 21.-26.
April statt.

Wargame: 2020 
A year of challenges for nation, Objective Force 

FORT MONROE, Va. (TRADOC News Service, April 12, 2002) ? Beginning Jan.
1, 2020, a year-long outbreak of crises around the world and in the
United States is going to
stretch the country and the Army?s Objective Force capabilities to cope
with them. 

That?s the scenario of the third Transformation Wargame at Carlisle
Barracks, Pa. April 21-26. 

"It?s not too far a stretch of the imagination for that to occur in a
future time and show that a number of the kinds of crises we are
portraying are not far fetched and, in fact, are even relevant to the
situation we faced today," said Bill Rittenhouse, wargame director for
Training and Doctrine Command. 

That?s a change from the first two wargames, which focused on the
operational capabilities of the Objective Force in single regional

"Small global strategic panels tried to link those operation to a bigger
strategic picture," Rittenhouse said. "This year it?s almost the other
way around. We are employing a very well-qualified global strategic
panel that is the centerpiece of the game." 

The strategic panel members represent the civil and military leaders on
both sides who make decisions they see in their nation or political
system?s best interest. 

The events in the wargame are supposed to occur over a year ending on
Jan. 1, 2021, compressed into the six days at Carlisle Barracks. 

Americans have already experienced some events that used to be discussed
in these futuristic wargames, says Rittenhouse. He cites the Sept. 11,
2001, terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon,
followed by an anthrax scare when the deadly bacteria were mailed to
members of Congress and the news media. 

In the wargame there will be attacks on the American homeland. Some of
them will be cyber attacks against financial institutions and some
against infrastructure and some that are strictly for terrorism affect. 

"We?re trying to understand what that means at a time when we?re trying
to project and sustain forces throughout the world," Rittenhouse said. 

Another concern of the wargame is just what part of the armed forces has
to be engaged in homeland defense. 

Part of the Objective Force will be deployed as part of a joint
operation to face a Red, or aggressor force, attacking in the Caspian
region from Albania into Azerbaijan. A small-scale contingency will
occur in Indonesia, which will draw China?s unfavorable attention. 

The wargame assumes a united Korea that is being pressured militarily by
China. Columbia nears a crisis that could spill over into Venezuela. 

Americans are no longer stationed in Bosnia but GIs still help maintain
the peace in Kosovo. U.S. armed forces also have to work with North
Atlantic Treaty Organization to work out an approach to the crisis in

"All of these crises do have some relevancy to today but, more
importantly, they serve as a global sandbox, if you will, for the way we
deploy, essentially, all of our armed forces, not just the Army,"
Rittenhouse said. "This is a very joint wargame and we will show the
global deployment of all of the military sources and resources of the
United States." 

Just like positing a united Korea, the wargame assumes that the country
has all of the air and sealift to move forces to these hotspots. 

"We have been tasked to look at how much lift we actually need to
achieve certain Objective Force capabilities," he said. "That?s very
much a central focus of the wargame itself." 

Retired four-star generals will participate, among them Gen. Paul
Gorman, TRADOC?s first deputy chief of staff for training, and Gen. Pete
Schoomaker, former command in chief of the Special Operations Command,
Fort Bragg, N.C. 

A team from SOCOM and from the J.F.K Special Warfare will participate in
the tactical as well as strategic sides of the game. 

For the first time all of the services and Coast Guard will have flag
rank officers overseeing the strategic picture. 

Former ambassadors Larry Pope, who served in Chad and Kuwait, and
William Courtney, posted to Georgia and Kazakhstan, will add their

Greg Jaffe of the Wall Street Journal will also represent news media
covering all these events. 

"They will examine from a global perspective all of the competing
demands for resources that are flowing up from all of these crises,"
Rittenhouse said. "They will deal with that as we progress through the

Results of the wargame, experiments and studies will all be used by
leadership to try to prepare the Army for future warfare.

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