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[] CIP in Kanada,

Es gibt eine neue Government Security Policy (GSP) und einen Bericht zu
Sicherheitslücken der Regierungsnetze vom Auditor General

OCIPEP DAILY BRIEF Number: DOB02-041 Date: 17 April 2002 

Networks at Risk From Hackers and Terrorists

The Auditor General warned yesterday that the Government of Canada's
critical computer infrastructure is exposed to malicious cyber attacks.
Sheila Fraser indicated that computer systems and networks across
government are at risk from hackers and terrorists because security
standards are out of date and new measures have yet to be developed.
Fraser warned that this problem could undermine the credibility of
e-government initiatives. 
(Source: National Post, 17 April 2002)

Comment: Canada's newly revised Government Security Policy (GSP)
recognizes the potential to improve government information technology
standards and prescribes safeguards to reduce the potential for
exploitation of government systems. The GSP can be viewed at:

The Auditor General's full report can be viewed at:

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