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[] Brookings-Studie zur Homeland Defense,

Die Brookings Institution ver=F6ffentlicht morgen eine umfassende Studie m=
Empfehlungen an die amerikanische Regierung hinsichtlich zu ergreifender 
Schutzmassnahmen gegen terroristische Angriffe. Laut einem Vorbericht der 
Washington Post wird auch eine Erh=F6hung der Ausgaben f=FCr Cybersecurity=

Study Urges Focus On Terrorism With High Fatalities, Cost 

By Bill Miller
Washington Post Staff Writer
Monday, April 29, 2002; Page A03


Called "Protecting the American Homeland," the report credits Ridge and th=
e White 
House for setting many sound priorities, but urged more spending on inform=
systems for law enforcement. It also recommended significantly higher spen=
ding on 
air defenses, cargo security, food safety and cyber-security. More must be=
the report added, to protect the nation's 12,000 chemical facilities and 1=
03 nuclear 
power plants, and to shield air-intake systems of skyscrapers from biologi=
cal or
chemical agents.

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