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[] Annual Computer Security Applications Conference, Dezember, Las Vegas,

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Date: Sun, 28 Apr 2002 23:58:32 -0400
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Subject: ACSAC CFP Reminder (and IEEE announcement)

If you were on the ACSAC mailing list, you should have received an
announcement in the mail from the ACSAC Committee.  This message is to
remind you that you still have over a month to submit technical papers
and proposals for panels, forums, case studies, and tutorials for the
18th Annual Computer Security Applications Conference (ACSAC) to be
held 9 - 13 December 2002 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.  The DEADLINE is
1 JUNE 2002.

ACSAC is an internationally recognized conference for information
system security engineers, practitioners, and researchers to exchange
practical ideas about solving critical security problems. 
Approximately 200-250 attendees are expected with a mix of 70%
industry, 20% various governments, and 10% academia.  In 2001, about
30% of the papers presented were from outside the U.S.  We welcome
global participation and attendance.  Special recognition for
outstanding student papers. For general conference information, to see
posted classic papers, or for our FAQ on questions about ACSAC, see
our web page or email Publicity_Chair -!
- acsac -

For instructions on making submissions

Hope to see you at the conference.

Jay Kahn
Publicity_Chair -!
- acsac -

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