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[] FIRST 2002 Konferenz, Juni auf Hawaii,

Das Programm ist jetzt online unter 
Redner sind u.a. 
- Marcus H. Sachs (Director for Communication Infrastructure Protection,
Office of Cyberspace Security, The White House), 
- David Chaboya (AFCERT, United States Air Force), 
- David Bauer (Chief Information Security and Privacy Officer, Merrill
- Scott Charney (Chief Security Strategist Microsoft), 
- Eugene Spafford (CERIAS, Purdue University).

14th Annual Computer Security Incident Handling Conference
Hilton Waikoloa Village, Hawaii
June 24-28, 2002
This conference is sponsored by First.Org, Inc. 

About the Conference

The annual FIRST Conference is the only event of its kind. It focuses on
the field of computer security incident handling and response. In
recognition of the global spread of computer networks and the common
problems faced by computer owners, the conference is held in different
parts of the world. The presentations are international in scope and
include the latest in incident response and prevention, vulnerability
analysis, and computer security. Additionally, these events serve as the
foundation for the improvement of computer security worldwide via the
sharing of goals, ideas, and information. 

Who should attend

Any person who is responsible for the coordination of computer security
incidents will benefit from attendance at this conference. This may
include both members and non-members of FIRST, system administrators,
network administrators and management with computer security
responsibilities, law enforcement, consultants, contractors, vendors,
and incident response teams. 


The Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams (FIRST) is an
international organization that brings together a variety of computer
security incident response teams. These teams include government,
commercial, and academic organizations. Worldwide, FIRST aims to foster
cooperation and coordination in incident prevention, to prompt rapid
reaction to incidents, and to promote information sharing among members
and the global community at large. Further information about the FIRST
organization is available at 

Complete conference details are available on the FIRST website at

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