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[] USAF Info-Krieger: Wer kann was?,

Air Force tracks knowledge

 BY Dan Caterinicchia 
 June 3, 2002

 Because warfighting is one of the most rapidly changing learning
environments in the military, keeping track of who knows what can mean
the difference between life and death. 

 That's why the Air Force Information Warfare Center (AFIWC) started
using a learning management system from Plateau Systems Ltd. to map and
account for all its personnel's knowledge.

 The goal of this "knowledge readiness" initiative is to capture all of
the pieces of individual knowledge an AFIWC commander needs to
immediately respond to changes in mission requirements and deploy the
proper forces.

 The AFIWC, part of the service's Air Intelligence Agency, provides
intelligence and Air Force information to operations worldwide and has
to rapidly create needs assessments and respond to crises and battle

 The center's commander, Col. Arthur Wachdorf, said AFIWC personnel "are
the single Air Force focal point for information warfare, [and must]
stay on the cutting edge of information technology and employment."

 The system is designed to consolidate training and other
mission-critical information into a single knowledge repository, said
Paul Sparta, chairman and chief executive officer of Plateau. It will
manage data on all personnel, ranging from training histories to foreign
language skills to special work experience ? anything a commander
requires to immediately assess the readiness of an individual for a
specific mission.

 The system also will schedule, manage and deliver a variety of training
and educational materials for AFIWC personnel.

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