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[] Secret Service-Agent: "Hacker sind unpatriotisch",

Scheinbar haben die eingesehen, dass reine Strafandrohung nichts
bewirkt. Ob dieser Apell an den Patriotismus allerdings weiterhilft,
wage ich zu bezweifeln...

Secret Service Agent: Hackers Are Unpatriotic

By Marcia Savage, CRN
San Francisco
2:42 PM EST Tues., June 18, 2002 

A special agent with the Secret Service's electronic-crimes branch
said hackers are unpatriotic.

In a keynote here Tuesday at the Computer Security Institute's NetSec
conference, John Frazzini said the lines between criminal acts and
acts of war are increasingly blurring since the September terrorist

"Hackers who brag that they can break into computer systems are
unpatriotic," he said. "If you're a U.S. citizen breaking into
computer networks, it's not only criminal but unpatriotic."

Frazzini, who works in the Secret Service's electronic crimes branch
in Washington, said the U.S. Patriot Act--passed after the
attacks--mandated the creation of a nationwide network of Secret
Service Electronic Crimes Task Forces.

The task forces, which have been established in nine major cities
across the nation, investigate electronic crimes including potential
terrorist attacks against critical infrastructure and financial
payment systems, he said.

Law enforcement needs help from the corporate sector,
information-security professional and academia to fight terrorism,
Frazzini said.

"We should all be working together to address this problem," he said.  
"Law enforcement can't go it alone. It will take a coordinated

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