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[] -> USA Today 25.06.02: Alleged Al-Qaeda Site Reappears,
------------------------------------------------------------- ist mittlerweile auch unten....
wie immer, vorsicht bei usatoday artikeln...

USA Today
June 25, 2002
Pg. 10

Alleged Al-Qaeda Site Reappears

By Jack Kelley, USA Today

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan ? An Arabic Web site allegedly used by al-Qaeda to
send messages to its members about future terrorist attacks has
resurfaced after being taken down by U.S. officials last week.

The Web site, known as, reappeared Sunday under a new
address, drasat .com. Articles and messages on the Web site, which is
being monitored by U.S. intelligence officials, mostly appear to be
summaries of newspaper reports on al-Qaeda activities.

The summaries include an account of a USA TODAY story, published Friday,
which reported the existence of That story also said U.S.
intelligence officials were watching for the site's reappearance because
they believe it may include messages to al-Qaeda followers.

The site's new address was found by freelance writer Jeremy Reynalds of
Albuquerque in a chat room on, another Arabic Web site.
Reynalds, 44, who reports about Islamic terrorism on the Web, said he
began clicking on the links listed in the chat room and found the site

In other news Monday:

Pakistani authorities working with the FBI have detained 45 Muslim
militants for questioning about deadly car bombings at the U.S.
consulate and a Sheraton Hotel, both in the southern port city of

The June 14 car bombing outside the U.S. consulate in Karachi killed 12
people and injured 50. A May 8 bombing outside the Sheraton Hotel in
Karachi killed 11 French engineers and three others, including the

Unknown assailants fired two rockets Sunday at a remote northwest
Pakistan base where U.S. forces are believed to be staying, officials
said. The rockets caused no loss of life or property.

Contributing: Yasmine Bahrani, William Risser, Christine Saah, wire

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