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[] Computer Security & Intelligence Conference, Calgary, 19.-21.8.,

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Subject: [ISN] Reminder Announcement - CSICON.NET
Date: Thu, 27 Jun 2002 03:02:24 -0500 (CDT)
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This is just a friendly reminder that the July 15th date for early
registration is fast approaching.  Also, the speakers have been
finalized and the conference schedule is online at


Computer Security & Intelligence Conference
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
August 19-21 - The Hyatt Regency

Cost - $1,545 (US Funds) Before July 15
Cost - $1,750 (US Funds) After July 15


The First Annual Computer Security & Intelligence Conference (CSICON)  
is being held from August 19-21 and the Calgary Hyatt Regency.  
Sponsored by Entrench Technologies, VulnWatch, and Syngress Media this
conference promises to provide attendees with useful technical
security knowledge.  The following people will be providing keynote
talks during the lunch hour (lunch will be provided);

Mark Loveless (aka Simple Nomad) - BindView Corporation / NMRC.ORG - 
Stealth Communications 

Matt Conover (aka Shok) - Entercept / WooWoo.ORG - Microsoft .NET 

Gerhard Eschelbeck & Sanket Naik - Qualys Inc. - Distributed 
Vulnerability Management

Additionally, the following people will be speaking throughout the 

Ken Pfeil - Windows 2000 RootKits
Robert Slade - Forensic Programming
Kurt Surfried - Secure Data Deletion (Data retrieval/forensics) 
Nathan Einwechter - Distributed Intrusion Detection 
Michael Legary - x86 ShellCode & Intrusion Detection 
Larry Leibrock - Windows XP Forensics 
Manny Masongsong - Computer Crime 
Mike Sues - Buffer Overflows 
Ron DuFresne - Wireless Security 
Eric Hines - VPN Abuse 
Nathan Einwechter - Distributed Intrusion Detection 
Craig Ozancin - Linux Security 
Barry Kokotailo - Wireless Defense 
Michael Legary - x86 Shellcode 
Chris Farrow - VOIP Security

Evening Round Table Sessions are also being offered on the following 

Full Disclosure hosted by Steve Manzuik
Forensics hosted by John Daniele
Attack & Penetration hosted by Barry Kokotailo

A continental breakfast and lunch are provided during the conference.  
Join us Sunday (August 20th) evening for an early registrant reception 
and meet the speakers.

For more information please visit or contact the 
conference organizers at info -!
- csicon -

Interested in becoming a sponsor of CSICON?  Email info -!
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