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[] Business Software Alliance: Office of Cybersecurity ist noetig,

Da hat wohl eine Lobbyorganisation ihre Hausaufgaben nicht gemacht. Das
Office gibt es schon laengst...

July 1, 2002 

Tech firms seek separate cybersecurity agency 

>From National Journal's Technology Daily 

Lawmakers should include a cybersecurity agency within the plans for a
new Homeland Security Department, a trade association said last week.

In a letter to Virginia Republican Tom Davis, chairman of the House
Government Reform Technology and Procurement Policy Subcommittee, the
Business Software Alliance (BSA) touted the need for a special agency
focused on cyberterrorism.

"The unique nature of the cybersecurity challenge thus requires that a
separate coordinating body exist within the Department of Homeland
Security," BSA President and CEO Robert Holleyman wrote.

Davis' subcommittee is one of several panels reviewing the Bush
administration's request for the new department.

BSA also offered comments on competing homeland security proposals. And
Holleyman noted that guidelines for federal cybersecurity and provisions
to promote information sharing between the private sector and public
agencies should be included in such legislation.

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