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[] Pentagon bekommt evtl. Under Secretary for Intelligence,

Federal Computer Week


 BY Christopher J. Dorobek and Dan
 July 8, 2002

 DOD's Intell Czar

 Amid criticism that intelligence organizations should be playing better
together, the Bush administration has proposed creating the position of
undersecretary of Defense for intelligence.

 "This new office would have as its primary responsibilities assuring
that the senior leadership of the department and combatant commanders
receive the warning, actionable intelligence and counterintelligence
support needed to pursue the objectives of our new defense strategy,"
said Stephen Cambone, principal deputy undersecretary of Defense for
policy, speaking to the House Armed Services Committee June 26.

 "This new office will enhance DOD's intelligence-related activities,
provide a single point of contact for coordination of national and
military intelligence activities...and strengthen the relationship
between the secretary of Defense and the director of central
intelligence," he said.

 The new position is part of DOD's efforts to focus on homeland defense,
which is the protection of U.S. territory, the domestic population and
critical infrastructures against external threats and aggression,
Cambone said.

 For homeland security, other agencies take the lead and DOD will
provide support, Cambone said. For homeland defense, DOD takes the lead
with support from other federal agencies.

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