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OECD - News Release
Paris, 7 August, 2002

OECD governments launch drive to improve security of online networks

OECD governments have drawn up new Guidelines for the Security of
Information Systems and Networks in the wake of last year's September 11
attacks in the United States, in order to counter cyberterrorism, computer
viruses, hacking and other threats.  

The Guidelines are designed to develop a "culture of security" among
government, business and users in an environment of worldwide expansion of
communications networks, increasing interconnectivity across national
borders, converging technologies and ever more powerful personal computers. 

Amid growing worldwide dependence on information systems and networks, the
Guidelines demonstrate OECD governments' commitment to the stable and
productive development of online communications. They urge all users of
information technology, including governments, businesses and individuals,
to adhere to and implement nine basic principles covering such areas as
security awareness and responsibility and respect for ethical and democratic

Although the Guidelines are non-binding, they are the product of a consensus
between OECD governments resulting from discussions that also involved
representatives of the information technology industry, business users and
civil society. OECD governments and other participants will draw on them in
establishing policies, measures and training programs for on-line security.
Governments in other countries are invited to adopt a similar approach,
while businesses are asked to factor security into the design and use of
their systems and networks and provide security information and updates to
users. All individual users are urged to be aware and responsible and take
preventive measures to lessen the security risks inherent in an
interconnected world.

These Guidelines replace guidelines first issued in 1992 as a basis for
improving international co-ordination and co-operation to meet the evolving
challenges and risks posed by threats to information systems and networks.

The text of the Guidelines is available in English (, 
French ( and Spanish
( . 
For more information on the Guidelines and other aspects of OECD work on
communications technology, journalists are invited to visit and contact: Taizo Nakatomi in the OECD's
Science, Technology and Industry Directorate ( [33] 1 45 24 96 93 or
mailto:taizo -
 nakatomi -!
- oecd -

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