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[] Math and War Conference, August 29-31, 2002,
Liebe Liste! Hier die zweite und letzte Ankündigung der  internationalen wissenschaftlichen  
Konferenz zum Thema  "Mathematik und Krieg" im suedschwedischen Militaerhafen und IT-  
Zentrum Karlskrona, 29.-31. August 2002.  

Volles Programm mit allen Abstracts auf  


Mathematics and War  
International Scientific Meeting,  
Karlskrona (Sweden), August 29-31, 2002  


* Organisers:  
Maurice de Gosson (Mathematician, Karlskrona, Sweden), Reiner  Braun (Director,  
Dortmund, Germany), Stig Andur Pedersen  (Philosopher, Roskilde, Denmark).   

* Purpose: Mathematics has for centuries been stimulated,  financed and credited by  
military purposes. Some mathematical  thoughts and mathematical technology have also  
been vital in war.  During World War II mathematical work by the Anti-Hitler coalition  was  
part of an aspiration to serve humanity and not help destroy it.   

At present, it is not an easy task to view the bellicose potentials of  mathematics in a proper  

At the conference, we will present historical evidence and recent  changes in the interaction  
between mathematics and the military.  We will discuss the new mathematically enhanced  
development of  military technology which seems to have changed the very  character of  
modern warfare.  

Speakers will include historians of mathematics, science and  engineering, historians of war, 
 military analysts, and philosophers.  

* Topics: (1) Military traces in the history of mathematics and in  present day mathematics.  
(2) Changes in the character of warfare  under the influence of mathematical theory and  
mathematically  supported technology. (3) Ethical and social aspects of the  interaction  
between mathematics and the military. Mathematics and  arms control and disarmament.  

* Format:  
There will be invited lectures and ample time for discussions  opened by invited comments  
by respondents. The lectures, major  points of the discussion, and introductory material to  
the subject will  be published afterwards.   

The Meeting is open subject to registration (see below). It is  supported by the Blekinge  
Institute of Technology (BTH), the  Danish Network for History and Philosophy of  
Mathematics  (MATHNET), and the International Network of Engineers and  Scientists for  
Global Responsibility (INES) .  

* Place: The meeting will be held at the Karlskrona Campus Annebo  of the University of  
Karlskrona-Ronneby in the scenic historical  military port and now IT centre Karlskrona  
(South-East of Sweden).  It is at 3 hours distance by train from Copenhagen Airport. Official 
 conference hotel is  Hotel Conrad . Low-rate student accommodation will be available.  

* Registration:  
Please register via email to cdg -!
- ihn -
 bth -
 se or via ordinary mail to  
Blekinge Institute of Technology  
Department of Mathematics  
att. Charlyne de Gosson  
S-37179 Karlskrona  
Fax: +46 455 38 54 07   
A registration form can be found on the conferences site Please notify in your  registration if you want us to book 
 accommodation at Hotel Conrad  or student accommodation.  

The registration fee is SKR 500.   

*  Registred participants are listet on the site.  

* Programme:  

Wednesday, August 28  

20:30, Welcome Cocktail at Hotel Conrad   

Thursday, August 29  

9:00, Opening. Welcome by Maurice de Gosson  
Greetings by Claes Jogreus (Prefect)  


1. Co-development of Mathematics and the Means of War?  Perspectives from Mathematics  

9:30-10:10, Roger Godement (Mathematician, Bourbaki Group,  Paris),  
Science and Military - A Short History of the Topic in the 20th  Century.  

10:10-10:30, Comments and Discussion, Chair Maurice de  Gosson  

10:30-10:45, Coffee Break  

10:45-11:25, Reinhard Siegmund-Schultze (Mathematics  Historian, Agder University  
College, Norway),  
Military Work of Mathematicians, 1914-1945: an Attempt at an  International Perspective.   

11:25-12:05, Elisabeth Rakus-Andersson (Mathematician,  Blekinge Institute of Technology,  
Karlskrona, Sweden),  
The Brains Behind the Enigma Code Breaking Before World War II.  

12:05-12:30, Comments and Discussion  

12:30-14:00, Lunch  

14:00-14:40, Kathleen Williams (Military Historian, CUNY, New  York)  
Improbable Warriors: Mathematicians Grace Hopper and Mina  Rees in World War II.  

14:40-15:00, Comments and Discussion, Chair Matthias Lesch,  Cologne  

15:00-15:15, Coffee Break  

15:15-15:55, Tinne Hoff Kjeldsen (Mathematics Historian,  Roskilde University, Denmark)  
War as the Midwife of Mathematical Disciplines.  

15:55-16:35, Revaz Valerianovich Gamkrelidze (Mathematician,  Steklov Institute of  
Mathematics, Russian Academy of Sciences)  
The Discovery of the Maximum Principle in Control Theory.  

16:35-16:55, Comments and Discussion  

18:00, Mayor's Reception, Town Hall  

19:00, Public Lecture, Karlskrona Naval Museum  
Philip J. Davis (Mathematician, Brown University, Providence, R.I.,  U.S.A.),  
Mickey Flies the Stealth: War and Entertainment.  


Friday, August 30  
2. Co-development of Mathematics and the Means of War?  Perspectives from the Military  

9:00-9:40, Svend Bergstein (Lieutenant Colonel (ret.),  Copenhagen),  
War Cannot Be Calculated.  

9:40-10:00, Comments and Discussion, Chair Stig Andur  Pedersen, Roskilde  

10:00-10:40, Svend Clausen (Cing., Danish Defence Research  Establishment,  
Warfare Can Be Calculated.  

10:40-11:00, Comments and Discussion  

11:00-11:15, Coffee Break  

11:15-11:55, Helge Lofstedt (Military Analyst, Swedish Defence  Research Establishment,  
Duels of Systems and Forces.  

11:55-12:15, Comments and Discussion  

12:15-13:15, Lunch  

13:15-13:55, Elmar Schmaehling (Rear Admiral (ret.), Berlin,  Germany),  
Less or More Exposed Non-Combatants and Civilian Objects  Under "Surgical Strikes"?  

13:55-14:15, Comments and Discussion, Chair John Perram,  Odense  

14:15-14:45, Ralf Bendrath (Liste "Infowar", Berlin and Washington  D.C.),  
Cyberwarfare: Fiction, Facts, and the Future of Arms Control.  

14:45-15:00, Comments and Discussion 
16:00, Guided Tour of the Naval Museum  


Saturday, August 31  
3. Co-development of Mathematics and the Means of War? Ethical  Issues  

9:00-9:40, Finn Aaserud (Historian of Science, Niels Bohr Archive,  Copenhagen),  
Niels Bohr's Political Crusade During World War II.  

9:40-10:00, Comments and Discussion, Chair Heinrich  Wefelscheid, Duisburg  

10:00-10:40, Andrew Hodges (Mathematician, Oxford, Great  Britain),  
Military Use of Mathematics During and After World War II: the  Case of Alan Turing.  

10:40-11:00, Comments and Discussion  

11:00-11:15, Coffee Break  

11:15-11:55, Jesper Ryberg (Philosopher, Roskilde University,  Denmark),  
Military Research and Moral Responsibility.  

11:55-12:15, Comments and Discussion  

12:15-14:00, Lunch  

14:00-14:40, Ib Martin Jarvad (International Lawyer, Roskilde  University, Denmark),  
Mathematical Thinking and the Law of War.  

14:40-15:00, Comments and Discussion, Chair Matthias Kreck,  Heidelberg  

15:00-15:40, Juergen Scheffran (Physicist, Institute for Climate  Impact Research,  
Potsdam, Germany),  
Calculated Security? Mathematical Modelling of Conflict and  Cooperation in Social  

15:40-15:50, Comments and Discussion  

15:50-16:30, Closing Remarks by Bernhelm Booss-Bavnbek  (Mathematician, Roskilde  
University, Denmark) and Open  Discussion.   


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