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[] Cyberwar-Hype...,

Es geht nur um Hacktivismus (Web-DOS-Attacken), aber die Ueberschriften
schreien "Krieg!"...

South Korean hackers declare war on US 

You kill our teens, we crash your networks

By Nick Farrell [17-07-2002]

South Korean activists have declared cyber war on the US government
following the involvement of US soldiers in the deaths of two teenage
girls in a car crash. 
The crash took place on a narrow public road north of Seoul on 13 June.
Two US servicemen are facing negligent homicide charges. 

The activists are demanding an apology from President Bush and
punishment for the two soldiers involved, and have warned that they will
create denial of service attacks on several key government networks. 

The White House and US Embassy websites are potential targets. 

One of the organisers, Yoon Su-keun, said that the aim was to
"temporarily shut down the servers to show our anger". 

There was an outcry when the military initially said there were no plans
to court martial the two soldiers. 

The US military command in Seoul said sufficient evidence to prosecute
was found only after a joint investigation by the South Korean police
and US Army Safety office. 

It rejected suggestions that the decision to prosecute was only made in
reaction to the local protests.

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