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[] National Strategy For Homeland Security erschienen,

Das ist noch gar nicht ueber die Liste gegangen, ts, ts, ts.
Kam schon letzte Woche (am 16.7.) raus.

The National Strategy For Homeland Security: Office of Homeland Security 

Table of Contents:

Letter from the President
Executive Summary
Threat and Vulnerability
Organizing for a Secure Homeland
Critical Mission Areas
  Intelligence and Warning 
  Border and Transportation Security 
  Domestic Counterterrorism 
  Protecting Critical Infrastructures and Key Assets
  Defending against Catastrophic Threats 
  Emergency Preparedness and Response 

  Science and Technology 
  Information Sharing and Systems 
  International Cooperation 

Costs of Homeland Security 
Conclusion: Priorities for the Future 
Appendix: September 11 and America's Response

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