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[] nach Dark Screen jetzt "Dark Hive" - Cyberterror-Uebung in Texas,

5000 $ zur Entwicklung der ganzen Uebung? Fuer das Geld setzen serioese
Firmen doch hoechstens einen Praktikanten vor die Aufgabe. Kennt jemand
"American Management Systems" aus Virginia? Klingt ja sehr nach

Cyberwarfare test in works for state 
By Peggy Fikac chief, Express-News Austin Bureau 
Web Posted : 06/27/2002 12:00 AM 
AUSTIN ? Would Texas cities be prepared for cyberwarfare on
computer-controlled systems that operate key structures and services
such as water plants, power plants and 911 emergency response?

State officials hope to find out through what is described as the
state's first cyberterrorism exercise, code-named Dark Hive.

The Texas Department of Information Resources awarded a $5,000 contract
to American Management Systems, a Virginia-based consulting company with
offices in Austin, to develop the exercise, said Mel Mireles, director
of the agency's enterprise operations division. The division includes
the information technology security office for the state.

The company will develop the pilot project with the San Antonio offices
of security consulting company Veridian as its chief partner, said Kate
Connolly of AMS. 

Texas is a leader nationally in putting together such a project in the
wake of the Sept. 11 terror attacks, Connolly said. 

The exercise will be conducted in one city as part of preparedness
training conducted around the state by the Texas Department of Public
Safety's Division of Emergency Management, Mireles said. He said
officials tentatively are looking at conducting the exercise in
Beeville, but a decision hasn't been made and local officials will be

"It's educational for us. We'll get a better understanding of what kind
of resources local communities have," Mireles said.

The exercise isn't a simulation, but will be conducted at a training
site such as a base, he said. 

Local officials from the chosen city will be told that a particular
system ? such as 911 ? has been attacked and harmed. Their response will
be observed. 

Suggestions will be given to "help them develop the right response by
observing them under pressure,"Connolly said.

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