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[] NIPC sucht Hilfe bei Privatfirma für Analysen&Warnungen,

Federal Computer Week

NIPC seeks cyberalert support

 BY Diane Frank 
 Aug. 16, 2002

 The National Infrastructure Protection Center this week issued a
request for quotations to get contractor support for its Analysis and
Warning Section ? the group that provides cybersecurity alerts and
advice to the public and private

 The statement of work outlines several requirements the NIPC is looking
for a contractor to fill, including:

 * Supporting the center's ability to identify and predict security
threats and trends.
 * Performing analysis and assessment of threat information.
 * Providing historical incident data.
 * Distributing the information to partners and the general public.

 The General Accounting Office and many outside organizations have
criticized the NIPC for its slow response time to potential and
immediate threats. During the past year, the center has formed many
partnerships with information-sharing organizations created in the
public and private sectors.

 The NIPC resides within the FBI, and although it is an interagency
group, it is staffed mainly by FBI agents and personnel. Under a Bush
administration proposal, the center will become part of the proposed
Homeland Security Department's information analysis and infrastructure
protection function.

 The General Services Administration's Federal Computer Incident
Response Center is another group that would move into that function.
FedCIRC provides analysis and warnings specifically for federal civilian
agencies and last year signed
 a support contract with Global Integrity, a security services provider.

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