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[] LT 17.09.02 America Plans PR Blitz On Saddam,

Erste Aktion des "Büros für Globale Kommunikation" (abgewandelte
Nachfolger des OSI) des Weissen Hauses?
-Olivier Minkwitz

London Times
September 17, 2002

America Plans PR Blitz On Saddam

By Tim Reid in Washington

THE Bush Administration is to launch a multimillion-dollar PR blitz
against Saddam Hussein, using advertising techniques to persuade crucial
target groups that the Iraqi leader must be ousted.

The campaign will consist of dossiers of evidence detailing Saddam?s
breaches of UN resolutions, and will be launched this week at American
and foreign audiences, particularly in Arab nations sceptical of US
policy in the region.

The White House is aware that it lacks substantial new intelligence on
Saddam?s nuclear programme or evidence directly linking Baghdad to the
September 11 attacks. But it will build on the contents of President?s
Bush?s speech made to the UN General Assembly last week, in which he
listed Saddam?s violations of UN resolutions.

The campaign, which will initially receive over $200 million (£130
million), will be overseen by the Office of Global Communications, whose
existence will not be formally announced until next month.

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