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[] Bush ernennt Mitglieder des National Infrastructure Advisory Committee (NIAC),

Das National Infrastructure Advisory Committee (NIAC) wurde bereits im
Oktober 2001 von GW Bush durch Executive Order 13231 eingerichtet. Also
schon wieder ein Fall von "schnell was beschliessen - später umsetzen".
Ihr erinnert euch: Der Vorläufer, der National Instructure Assurance
Council, wurde von Clinton in der PDD-63 im Mai 1998 beschlossen. Die
Mitglieder wurden aber erst an seinem letzten Tag im Weissen Haus
berufen, im Januar 2000.
Rick Forno würde eh sagen: "noch ein Kaffeklatsch". ;-)

The White House
President George W. Bush
For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
September 18, 2002 

President Bush Announced His Appointment of 24 Individuals to Serve as
Members of the National Infrastructure Advisory Committee 

President George W. Bush today announced his appointment of the 24
individuals to serve as Members of the National Infrastructure Advisory
Committee (NIAC). 

Established by Executive Order 13231, NIAC will make recommendations
regarding the security of the cyber and information systems of the
United States' national security and economic critical infrastructures.
The Committee will also examine ways that partnerships between the
public and private sectors can be enhanced to improve cyber security. 

Members of NIAC represent major sectors of the economy -- banking and
finance, transportation, energy, information technology, and
manufacturing. The Council also includes representatives from academia,
state and local government, and law enforcement. The Council will work
closely with the President's National Security and Telecommunications
Advisory Committee (NSTAC). 

Richard K. Davidson will serve as Chairman of the National
Infrastructure Advisory Board. He is currently the Chairman, President
and CEO, Union Pacific Corporation. 

     Alfred R. Berkeley III, Vice Chairman, NASDAQ Stockmarket Inc. 
     Martin G. McGuinn, Chairman and CEO, Mellon Financial Corporation 
     Richard M. Kovacevich, Chairman and CEO, Wells Fargo 
     L. George Martinez, Chairman, Sterling Bank and Sterling Bancshares
     Charles O. Holliday, Jr., Chairman and CEO, DuPont Company 
     Margaret Grayson, President and CEO, V-ONE Corporation 
     John W. Thompson, Chairman and CEO, Symantec Corporation 
     Thomas E. Noonan, Chairman, President and CEO, Internet Security
Systems, Inc. 
     George H. Conrades, Chairman and CEO, Akamai Technologies 
     Craig R. Barrett, CEO, Intel Corporation 
     Enrique Hernandez, Jr., President and CEO, Inter-Con Security
Systems Inc. 
     Maynard G. Webb, COO, e-Bay 
     Erle Nye, Chairman and CEO, TXU Corp. 
     Marilyn Ware, Chairman, American Waterworks Company 
     Archie W. Dunham, Chairman, President and CEO, ConocoPhillips 
     Donald John Carty, Chairman and CEO, American Airlines 
     Thomas H. Weidemeyer, COO, UPS 
     Linwood H. Rose, President, James Madison University 
     William F. Owens, Governor of Colorado 
     Jorge Santini, Mayor of San Juan Puerto Rico 
     Raymond W. Kelly, Police Commissioner, City of New York 
     Gilbert G. Gallegos, Chief of Police, Albuquerque New Mexico 
     Karen Katen, President, Pfizer Global Pharmaceuticals and Executive
Vice President, Pfizer Inc.

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