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[] mehr zum Info-Austausch von FBI mit CIA etc.,

from the FAS Project on Government Secrecy
Volume 2002, Issue No. 92
September 23, 2002



"Information sharing" is the order of the day, at least within the
executive branch.

The Justice Department has undertaken dozens of initiatives to
promote interagency cooperation, as well as information sharing with
state and local law enforcement agencies, according to a September
19 fact sheet.

The Justice Department fact sheet, entitled "Overview of Information
Sharing Initiatives in the War on Terrorism," is posted here:

The Department's recognition of the value of information sharing does
not seem to extend to the general public.  In what may be the most
absurd Freedom of Information Act case now pending in federal court,
the Justice Department is still defending a CIA claim that
declassification of the intelligence budget total from 1947 would
damage U.S. national security and compromise intelligence sources
and methods.  The 1997 budget total was declassified five years ago.


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