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[] EDS hat Probleme mit dem Navy Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI),

Die EDS-Aktien fallen derzeit kräftig, weil die Firma mit dem
NMCI-Projekt kaum noch Chancen hat, Gewinn einzufahren. Der Grund sind
Tausende von alten Programmen, die irgendwie auf dem neuen NMCI
weiterlaufen müssen. 
Einschätzung der FCW-Autoren: Es war eh von EDS als Zuschussgeschäft
geplant, um Marktführer bei den Netz-Großaufträgen der Regierung zu


BY Christopher J. Dorobek and Dan Caterinicchia

Sept. 30, 2002

Bringing EDS Down

You may have seen a stock chart for EDS recently - the one apparently
with a rock attached to it. EDS recently reported  quarterly numbers
that were "disappointing," to use the Wall Street vernacular.

One of the rocks attached to EDS' stock price is the massive Navy Marine
Corps Intranet contract, the Navy's initiative to create  an
enterprisewide network across some 300 shore-based sites across the
nation. The network will be owned and operated by the  Plano,
Texas-based company.

NMCI boosted EDS' stock when the award was announced in October 2000,
but nearly two years later, many Wall Street analysts  are asking what
the contract has actually done for EDS.

It is hardly news that NMCI's rollout has been slower then expected,
largely because of the thousands of legacy Navy applications.  That
delay has been costly for EDS, because, under the contract, the company
does not get paid until the seats are operational.

In addition, the cost of establishing the overall network infrastructure
has been more expensive than anyone had expected, EDS  officials have

Analysts - and EDS' competitors - have been quietly wondering how the
firm would make money on the contract. While huge  at $6.9 billion,
competitors have said that EDS undercut its proposed costs by about $3

That has led some to speculate that EDS was using NMCI as a "loss
leader" - a contract that loses money for the potential of  future
payoffs at other agencies. Perhaps that is why Rick Rosenburg, who was
EDS' NMCI front man, was recently promoted to  lead the development and
implementation of similar, enterprisewide efforts for other government
clients, observers suggested.

However, EDS officials have stressed that the company will make money on
NMCI. But with NMCI yet to fully prove itself, the  losses have
undoubtedly been larger than most people expected.

Tell Us What You Really Think

As if EDS didn't have enough to worry about, disgruntled Navy and Marine
Corps personnel who take issue with NMCI will likely  get the
opportunity to speak out about the project - online, at least.

The NMCI Web sites are expected to be up and operational any day now at and

Web architects expect to include a section that will allow NMCI critics
and others to post their concerns and allow the Navy to  respond with
the "facts," as one NMCI official said. As always, the Interceptor
invites voluminous comments about NMCI.

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