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[] Waffeninspektoren finden Viren im Irak,

Symantec darf offenbar keine Updates für ihren Norton-Virenscanner in
den Irak exportieren. Ob das eine perfide Vorbereitung für
Computerattacken durch die USA ist?

San Jose Mercury News, Wed, Oct. 02, 2002

U.N. arms inspectors run into a few bugs

U.N. inspectors preparing to search Iraq for biological weapons already
have found viruses.

The computer variety.

The viruses were in a mass of overdue reports on four CD-ROMs an Iraqi
official handed to biological, nuclear and chemical inspectors in Vienna
on Monday.

``They found a whole bunch,'' a diplomatic source said. But they were
common infections easily detected, and did not represent an attack on
U.N. computers.

``I guess they don't have the update on their Norton AntiVirus
software,'' the diplomat joked. ``Maybe that's on the sanctions list.''

The United Nations' 419-page list of items Iraq is forbidden to import
does not include anti-virus software.

But Melissa Martin of Symantec in Cupertino said the United States' own
embargo prohibits the company from shipping its products to Iraq.

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