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[] US Army will so viel IT wie möglich privatisieren,

Alle "nicht-Kernfunktionen" sollen an private Anbieter vergeben werden,
so Army Staatssekretär Thomas White. Das vor vier Tagen gegründete Army
Network Command (NETCOM) wird dabei eine wichtige Rolle spielen. NETCOM
scheint also ein Versuch zu sein, diese Strategie zu

Army looking to outsource

BY Dan Caterinicchia  Oct. 4, 2002

Army Secretary Thomas White said the service cannot truly transform
unless its business processes are part of the plan. Therefore, he said
the Army will "privatize every non-core function" that it can develop a
good business case for - including information technology and
communications positions.

The Army already has begun the outsourcing process for work on its
family housing units - some of which are in decrepit condition - and
will spend $700 million to privatize that area in fiscal 2003, with work
to be completed by 2007, White said. He added that any non-core IT and
communications functions also could be outsourced.

"We're already doing that business with [the Defense Information Systems
Agency], where roughly 85 percent of the work is outsourced," White told
Federal Computer Week immediately following an Oct. 3 luncheon speech
sponsored by the Washington, D.C., chapter of the Armed Forces
Communications and Electronics Association. 

The decision to privatize any IT or communications areas would be made
by the Army's new Network Enterprise Technology Command (Netcom), White
told FCW, but "anytime we can take a non-core function and get a value
proposition for it, we'll do it."

Netcom, which officially launched Oct. 1, was created to manage the
Army's IT and networks enterprisewide.

Most of White's speech focused on the Army's ongoing transformation and
transition to the Objective Force, which will transform the service's
forces to make them better able to survive an all-out fight. 

Employing a popular business term, White said the quality of the Army's
personnel is the key to maintaining a "sustainable competitive
advantage" as the world's premier Army. "And whether we leverage that
with technology is really the challenge of transformation," he said.

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