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[] NYT 13.11.02: Spokesman Is Assigned to U.S. Military Command,

November 13, 2002
Spokesman Is Assigned to U.S. Military Command

WASHINGTON, Nov. 12 ? One of the White House's top communications 
troubleshooters, James R. Wilkinson, was named today as the chief spokesman 
for the United States Central Command, in another sign that President Bush 
is preparing for war with Iraq.

Mr. Wilkinson, 32, is a protégé of Karen P. Hughes, Mr. Bush's longtime 
adviser, and his appointment puts a White House loyalist with Washington 
experience in a pivotal position at the Central Command, which is based in 
Florida and which will be charged with waging and winning any war against 
Saddam Hussein.

When he reports this weekend to Gen. Tommy R. Franks, Mr. Wilkinson is 
expected to use his close ties with counterparts at the White House, State 
Department and Pentagon to help improve communications strategy between the 
Central Command and the rest of the government.

"Wilkinson has the president's ear," said one senior military officer. 
"It's all about coordination with the right people in Washington quickly to 
make sure CentCom is on the right track."

Other defense officials, however, said picking Mr. Wilkinson over a career 
military officer sent a signal that the administration wanted its own 
political appointee in the sensitive communications job.

"Franks needs help, but this is the wrong solution to the problem," said 
one defense official.

Mr. Wilkinson, a lieutenant in the Navy Reserve for five years, has been a 
special assistant to Mr. Bush since the administration's earliest days in 
office, coordinating communications for White House domestic and foreign 
policy agendas. His new job is a civilian position.

The White House has turned to Mr. Wilkinson before to help hone its message 
on the national and global stage.

During the war in Afghanistan, Mr. Wilkinson headed the Coalition 
Information Center, which used offices in Washington, London and Pakistan, 
to spread an anti-Taliban message.

Before joining the White House, Mr. Wilkinson served as spokesman for 
Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld during the 2000 presidential transition.

During the Florida recount after the election, Mr. Wilkinson served as 
Miami-Dade County recount team spokesman for Mr. Bush.

 From 1992 to 2000, Mr. Wilkinson worked for Representative Dick Armey of 
Texas, the House majority leader, serving in several positions including 
political director and press secretary.

A native Texan, Mr. Wilkinson received a degree in finance from the 
University of Texas at Arlington and a master's degree in government from 
Johns Hopkins University.

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