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[] NYT 13.11.02: Briton Is Indicted in 92 Hacker Cases,

November 13, 2002
Briton Is Indicted in 92 Hacker Cases

ALEXANDRIA, Va., Nov. 12 ? An unemployed British computer system 
administrator was indicted here today on charges of hacking into 92 United 
States government computer networks, including some operated by the 
military and NASA.

Government officials immediately said they would seek to extradite the 
Briton, Gary McKinnon of London. The extradition, if successful, would be a 
rare move in international cybercrime cases.

Mr. McKinnon, 36, was indicted on seven counts of computer fraud and 
related activity and one such count in New Jersey. He faces a maximum 
penalty of five years in federal prison and a $250,000 fine for each count 
of the indictment.

"McKinnon is charged with the biggest hack of military computers ever 
detected," as far as the number of computers involved, said Paul J. 
McNulty, the United States attorney for the eastern district of Virginia.

Mr. McNulty said officials found no link between Mr. McKinnon, who they 
said used the code name Solo, and any terrorist group. While Mr. McKinnon 
was probably searching for classified documents, Mr. McNulty said, no such 
information was compromised in any of the attacks.

Mr. McKinnon gained access to information from networks on military bases 
throughout the country; two of the computer systems were at the Pentagon. 
One intrusion shut down the network that serves the military district for 
Washington for three days, officials said.

Federal officials in New Jersey said Mr. McKinnon was charged with tapping 
into a network of 300 computers at the Earle Naval Weapons Station in Colts 
Neck, N.J.

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