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[] Reality Bytes: Cyberterrorism and Terrorits 'Use' of the Internet,

Reality Bytes: Cyberterrorism and Terrorist 'Use' of the Internet 
by Maura Conway

This paper examines the concept of cyberterrorism. Fringe activity on
the Internet ranges from non-violent 'Use' at one end to
'Cyberterrorism' at the other. Rejecting the idea that cyberterrorism is
widespread, the focus here is on terrorist groups' 'use' of the
Internet, in particular the content of their Web sites, and their
'misuse' of the medium, as in hacking wars, for example. Terrorist
groups' use of the Internet for the purpose of inter-group communication
is also surveyed, partly because of its importance for the
inter-networked forms of organisation apparently being adopted by these
groups, but also due to the part played by the Internet in the events of
September 11 and their aftermath.

What is Cyberterrorism?
'Use' and 'Misuse': Some Empirical Observations
(Inter)Networking and 9-11
The Internet and 9-11: The Aftermath


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