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[] russische Behörden hackten Tschetschenen-Webseiten in den USA?,


Nov 14, 2002 2:01 PM PT

Russians wage cyberwar to disrupt separatists 

Chechen separatists say Russia's FSB security service is behind the
collapse of two Web Sites that form a key source of news for the rebel
area. The two sites, and, collapsed
under a barrage of attacks from computer hackers just after Russian
troops stormed a Moscow theater killing 41 armed rebels and 128 of the
hostages they had been holding there. 

"On October 26 ... our Web Site was attacked by a group of
hackers," said a spokesman for the U.S.-registered site, run by Movladi
Udugov, a former Chechen minister now forced into exile by Russia's
second war against separatists.. "We are amazed Russia's special
services can operate so freely on U.S. territory," Udugov told Reuters
by e-mail. 

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