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[] USA: "national cyberspace response center" geplant,

Die ganze CIP-Struktur wird ohnehin reorganisiert aufgrund des gestern
verabschiedeten "Homeland Security Act of 2002". Der Text dieses
Gesetzes zur Einrichtung eines neuen Homeland Security Department ist
vorläufig bereits hier verfügbar:

Cyber center planned

 BY Diane Frank 
 Nov. 18, 2002

The Bush administration last week proposed creating a national
cyberspace response center to help federal, state and local governments,
as well as the private sector, detect cyberattacks.

The proposal is included in five priorities that the President's
Critical Infrastructure Protection Board is considering as part of its
draft National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace, said Richard Clarke, board

The center would detect incidents, issue alerts, share information and
provide assistance to start fixes, if necessary. 

The priorities also include a plan to secure federal, state and local
government networks. The board proposes expanding the Common Criteria
security product certification program and using the government's buying
power to influence vendors to improve the security of their products.

Other priorities include:

* Creating a national program to examine threats and vulnerabilities in
the private sector, including industry and academia. 

* Establishing a national awareness and education program for both
security specialists and the general public.

* Developing greater international cooperation and addressing national
security issues.

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