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[] Rick Forno über mi2g und das 'Cybersecurity Intelligence'-Geschäft,

Security Through Soundbyte: The 'Cybersecurity Intelligence' Game

Richard Forno
Essay #2002-12

Some say that cyberspace is the new battlefield, with its own unique
rules, challenges, and concerns for those charged with defending it.  If
one does consider cyberspace a modern battlefield, intelligence must
naturally play a key role in developing appropriate, proactive defenses.
Regarding battlefield intelligence, military strategist Sun Tzu wrote
that "what is called foreknowledge cannot be elicited from spirits, nor
from gods, nor by analog with past events, nor from calculations. It
must be obtained from men who know the enemy situation."  That's sound

During recent months, hardly a week goes by without some reference to
some firm's findings or statistics on hackers, crackers,
cyberterrorists, and the general state of internet security as they see
it.  Many times these reports are marketed as cybersecurity

The latest player in the internet security industry is UK-based mi2g,
and the subject of this article. mi2g offers a suite of security
products (essentially  they're a systems integrator focused on
security), but is best known perhaps as a "security intelligence
provider" providing research, assessment, and analysis services on the
state of the cybersecurity.   

As a security professional - and someone 'on the front lines' of the
cyberspace battlefield - I'm both curious and dubious about the whole
'cybersecurity intelligence' business concept, and wonder what it takes
to both become a 'cybersecurity intelligence' expert and make money at
it, too.


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