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[] EU gründet European Network and Information Security Unit,


Telecommunications Council, Brussels, 5th December 2002

DN: MEMO/02/281     Date: 04/12/2002


Brussels, 4th December 2002 

Telecommunications Council, Brussels, 5th December 2002


On December 4-5, the Council of Telecommunications Ministers will meet
in Brussels. Commissioner Erkki Liikanen will represent the European


Proposal for a Council Decision adopting a multi-annual programme
(2003-2005) for the monitoring of eEurope, dissemination of good
practices and the improvement of network and information security


The Commission's proposal for a Council Decision on MODINIS programme
aims to create a legal basis for the continuation of monitoring
activities of the eEurope 2005 Action Plan and dissemination of best
practices. Furthermore the draft Decision allows the launch of
preparatory actions for the establishment of the Network and Information
security Task Force. 

The draft Council Decision focuses on four areas: 
- Monitoring and comparing performances, via benchmarking progress and
publication of results 
- Dissemination of good practices at both national and regional level by
organising conferences, seminars and workshops in order to exchange
- Analysis and strategic discussion by the support a) of an economic and
social experts group and b) of a steering group which will have an
overview of the implementation of eEurope 
- Improving network and information security by supporting the
preparatory activities for the establishment of the cyber-security task

The proposed budget of the programme is ? 25 million. 

At this Council 

The Council is foreseen to adopt a general approach to this draft
decision ahead of the final adoption by the Council during the Greek
presidency, after consultation of the European Parliament and Economic
and Social Committee and Committee of regions. 


European Network and Information Security Unit 


The Commission intends to shortly present a draft Regulation to
establish a European Network and Information Security Unit. The broad
objective of the Unit is to create a common understanding in Europe of
issues relating to information security that is necessary to ensure the
availability and security of networks and information systems in the
European Union. The Unit shall be able to provide assistance in the
application of Community measures relating to network and information
security. It shall enhance the general capability of both Community and
Member States to respond to network and information security problems. 

Member States have been quite active in this area, but the focus and
level of the activities differs, and there is a lot to be learned from
the experience of others. The European Union would benefit from
increased co-ordination between Member States and Member States'
organisations and there is a need for a better information exchange on
experiences from different efforts in this field. 

The last year's work on information security has resulted in a number of
documents outlining the European strategy for policy in this field. The
Commission Communication on Network and Information Security: Proposal
for A European Policy Approach presented a number of measures e.g. the
establishment of a European warning and information system. The Council
resolution of the 28 January 2002 on a common approach and specific
actions in the area of network and information security presented a
follow up of the Communication and proposed that the Commission put
forward a proposal for a "Cyber Security Task Force". The eEurope 2005
action plan supports this and the European Parliament has also asked for
closer co-operation in this area. 

The Commission's proposal is expected to be presented around

Council Resolution on a European approach towards a culture of network
and information security 


The Danish Presidency has proposed the adoption of another Council
Resolution on Network and Information Security. 

The resolution invites Member States to take certain actions to further
the development of network security. It also welcomes the intention of
the Commission to take action on a number of issues that will serve as a
basis for the establishment of the Cyber Security Task Force [Network
and Information Security Unit]. 

At this Council 

It is expected that a political agreement will be reached at the Telecom
Council on a Resolution which invites the Member States to: 
- Promote security as an essential component in public and private
corporate governance, in particular in encouraging assignment of
- Provide for appropriate educational and vocational training 
- Take adequate measures to prevent and respond to security incidents 
- Encourage co-operation and partnerships between academia and
enterprises to provide secure technologies and services 

The Council is expected to welcome the intention of the Commission to: 
- Apply the open method of co-operation in relation to Member State's
ongoing actions and to assess their impact on security 
- Set up a temporary working group composed of Member States
representatives to conduct preparatory actions for the "Cyber Security
Task Force" 
- Further develop, in co-operation with Member States, a dialogue with
industry to improve security in the development of hardware and software
products and ensure the availability of services and data 
- Establish relevant international contacts 
- Establish the Network and Information Security Unit 


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