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[] The Bomb is Back Update,

O.K. - Ralf B. war der schnellste:

"National Strategy to Combat Weapons of Mass Destruction":

Und noch was Nettes aus Kanada:
Inspecting Rogue State U.S.A.
Posted on December 9, 2002 @ 12:10PM

A coalition of Canadian peace groups plan to send an international team 
of volunteer weapons inspectors to take a gander at all U.S. sites, 
including (ahem!) presidential compounds.

The Rooting Out Evil coalition argues that the United States fits George 
Bush's criteria for membership in the "axis of evil," which are: should 
have massive stockpiles of chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons; 
ignore due process at the United Nations; refuse to sign and honor 
international treaties; and are ruled by governments that have come to 
power through illegitimate means. (...)

The Rooting Out Evil coalition

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