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[] Israelische Armee und Windows/Linux,

Zwei Artikel aus dem Inquirer: 
1. Die US-Regierung spendiert der israelischen Armee für die nächsten
drei Jahre MS-Software im Wert von 21 Mio Dollar. 
2. Kurz darauf denkt der Chef der zentralen Computerstelle der
israelischen Streitkräfte laut darüber nach, dass man sich aus
Kostengründen künftig stärker Linux zuwenden wolle.

Israel defence establishment signs up to Microsoft 

US sponsored deal to "lower costs"

By Paul Hales: Monday 09 December 2002, 10:45 

THE US IS TO KIT OUT the Israeli defence establishment with Microsoft
"desktop and enterprise software" for three years at a total cost of
around 100 million shekels ($21,288,000), news sources here report.

An Israeli Ministry of Defense procurement delegation signed a framework
agreement with Microsoft in New York which will be financed mainly with
US aid, sources state.

US aid to Israel amounts to some $3 billion annually, although Israel is
set to ask for more than double that amount this year, as well as
additional loans of up to as much as $10 billion, according to newspaper
reports here over the weekend. 

The Ministry of Defence claims the agreement with Microsoft will help it
to greatly lower costs, thanks to a "coordination of user needs, unified
negotiations, and shortened software delivery times." 

Microsoft will provide the Ministry with updates about "new products,
technical innovations, and prices," we learn, as well, we imagine, as
the usual (cough!) security updates.

Microsoft Israel has been contacted for comment, though none is as yet
forthcoming. µ


Israeli army considers dropping Windows for Linux 

A question of cost

By Paul Hales: Tuesday 31 December 2002, 14:39 

THE BUSIEST ARMY IN THE WORLD is considering shifting to Linux despite
the fact that the US buys its kit for it anyhow. 

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) says the cost of running Windows is too
great and is giving "serious consideration" to shifting its data to
Linux servers, the Israeli daily Ha'aretz reports. 

The new commander of the IDF's central computer facility Colonel Avi
Kochba, says the army's systems are separtate from the secured military
intelligence unit. He said his unit maintains hardware and data
communications infrastructure for the entire "green" army, with the
exception of Military Intelligence.

"Today there is a trend to move over to open-source code systems," he
said. "We are not ignoring that. We are examining Linux servers as a
replacement for Microsoft servers, and I assume that some of them will
be replaced. There is a logic to working with an open source code." 

He added: "In all, I can't say that I support taking Microsoft out of
the army. Microsoft will not leave the army, apparently, in the coming
years, but we will be in the forefront of any effort that will enable us
to reduce costs. We will, for example, be the first in Israel to operate
Linux based on the IBM mainframe computer, both in order to reduce costs
and in order to provide a better infrastructure solution." 

The Israeli defence establishment recently signed up with Microsoft
"desktop and enterprise software" for three years at a total cost of
around 100 million shekels ($21,288,000). µ

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