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[] NYT 17.01.03: Antiwar Group Reprises 'Daisy' Ad,

Die Spots gibts übrigens hier:

der alte aus 1964 von LYNDON JOHNSON'S Wahlkampf

der neue:

January 17, 2003

Antiwar Group Reprises 'Daisy' Ad


SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 16 (AP) ? Revisiting a jarring television commercial 
from the cold war era, a grass-roots antiwar group has remade the 1964 
"Daisy" advertisement, warning that a war against Iraq could spark nuclear 

Like the original, the 30-second advertisement by the Internet-based group depicts a girl plucking petals from a daisy, along with a 
missile launching countdown and a nuclear mushroom cloud.

The original was produced by President Johnson's campaign to paint his 
Republican foe, Barry Goldwater, as an extremist who might lead the United 
States into a nuclear war with the Soviet Union. It drew such negative 
reaction that it was pulled after only one showing. showed its version to the news media on Wednesday and began 
showing it today. It includes scenes of military buildup before the 
mushroom cloud appears. Then the screen goes black, with a warning that a 
war might end quickly, or it might spread to other countries and end with 
"the unthinkable."

It ends with the message, "Maybe that's why the overwhelming majority of 
Americans say to President Bush: Let the inspections work."'s leaders said they hoped to make a point about nuclear war.

"We wanted to run an ad that would highlight that very real possibility and 
help encourage a national discussion," said Eli Pariser, the group's 
international campaign director.

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