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[] Scheiner & Cyberwar,

Bruce Scheiner ueber Sinn und Unsinn von offensiven Cyber-War Konzepten:

"So my guess is that the U.S. military could disable large parts of 
the Internet, at least for a while, if they wanted. But I doubt that 
they would do so; it's far too useful an asset, and far too large a 
part of our economy. More interesting is whether they would try to 
disable pieces of it."

"The best thing to do is to infiltrate the enemy's computers and 
networks, spy on them, and surreptitiously disrupt select pieces of 
their communications when appropriate."


Noch ein Wort zu mir: Nach einem halbj=E4hrigen Unterbruch bin ich 
wieder auf der Liste. Bin Journalist in Bern (Schweiz), besch=E4ftige 
mich beruflich haupts=E4chlich mit Medien und Neuen Medien. Schreibe 
u.a. f=FCr Heise (Ticker, Telepolis), Schweizer Tageszeitungen und 

Nick Luethi

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