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[] Studie "Information Age Conflicts",

Werte Liste,

ich erlaube mir etwas Werbung in eigener Sache:
Eben erschienen und online abrufbar meine Lizentiatsarbeit zum Thema
Information Operations.

"Over the last few years, a variety of theories and concepts have been
proposed by scholars to describe the impacts of the information revolution
on international relations and security. These emerging theorems serve as a
framework for analyzing a newly emerging class of conflict, which the author
terms "information age conflict" (IAC). Illustrated by the situation that
arose during Operation Allied Force in Kosovo, the publication identifies
factors in the emerging operating environment that substantially influence
the successful managing and waging of IACs, as well as factors that are
likely to pose problems for decision-makers. By pointing out the
implications of these new developments in warfare not only for the military
but also for society and international security in general, the study draws
attention to the crucial issue of newly emerging threats and risks to the
information society."


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