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[] Booz Allen Hamilton bekommt DARPA-Vetrag für Info Exploitation Office (IXO),

DARPA awards support contract for IXO

By Dan Caterinicchia 
January 20, 2003

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has announced that Booz
Allen Hamilton was awarded an analytical business services contract
worth up to $31 million to support all programs in DARPA's Information
Exploitation Office (IXO).

The IXO's mission is to develop sensor and information technology and
systems that apply to battlespace awareness, targeting, command and
control (C2), and the infrastructure required to address land-based

The contract, which was awarded Jan. 15, includes support services for
planning, monitoring, data collection and analysis, system analysis,
evaluation, assessment, and associated documentation of all IXO

"This is not for research on a particular program," a DARPA
spokeswoman said. "This is for system analysis, evaluation and
assessment for all programs under the IXO."

The IXO has more than 25 ongoing programs, including C2 for the Army's
Future Combat System and the Real-Time Battle Damage Assessment
Program, which develops techniques to automate the assessment of
mobile target battle damage.

The Booz Allen contract contains options that if exercised, would
bring the total value to more than $31 million. Work will be performed
in Arlington, Va., and is scheduled for completion in January 2008.

Booz Allen declined to comment and referred all requests for
information to DARPA.

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