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[] "Cyber Attack Methods" des Irak,

In dem in dieser Woche vom Weissen Haus herausgegebenen Papier  "What 
Does Disarmament Look Like?", das Verst=F6sse des Irak gegen die UNO-
Auflagen beweisen soll, findet sich auch eine Passage =FCber "cyber attack=
methods" des Irak:

Iraq has in the past used, and is likely again to use, cyber attack method=
s in its 
efforts to collect intelligence.
=A7 Computer systems used to store, process, or communicate
UNMOVIC and IAEA inspection schedules, methods, criteria, or
findings will be particularly high-value targets.
=A7 At a minimum, Iraq can apply tools and methods readily available
from publicly accessible Internet sources, many of which are quite
effective and require only moderate skill to implement.
=A7 According to Iraqi defector Dr. Khidhir Hamza, Iraq=92s Babylon
Software Company was developing cyber warfare capabilities on
behalf of the Iraqi Intelligence Service as early as the 1990s. People
assigned to Babylon initially worked on information security
technologies and techniques, but some of the programmers were
segregated into a =93highly compartmented unit=94 and tasked with
breaking into foreign computers in order to download sensitive
data or infect the computers with viruses. Some of the programmers reporte=
that they had accumulated enough
expertise to break into moderately protected computer systems.

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