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[] White House Pressesprecher zum TTIC,


 Q On this new intelligence gathering agency that the President
announced, how is this going to work? Is George Tenet going to head it?
And is it going to allow the possibility for FBI domestic intelligence
gathering to be funneled through the CIA? Is that essentially what we're

MR. FLEISCHER: One, yes, it does report to the DCI, the Director of
Central Intelligence. Two, it is an analytical unit. It is not a
collection unit, which is something else I saw in one of the papers this
morning, that reported that it would both collect and analyze. It would
not collect. Collecting remains an area that other agencies do. The CIA
does it. Interestingly, Homeland Security has the ability on its own to
collect information, because, of course, they have Coast Guard as part
of them, TSA as part of them, Secret Service as part of them.

All those entities, of course, have their own collection abilities. DOD
has collection. The purpose of this is to provide deeper and greater
cooperation among a variety of agencies, principally FBI, CIA, DOD and
Homeland and the analysis of information. And I'll give you an example.

Let's say the CIA picks up a report from foreign assets that in a
foreign country people that we believe or know to be terrorists are
involved in a plot to spread ricin. Concurrently, the FBI, through its
domestic reporting, picks up a report and collects information that
there is -- there are people that we believe to be associated with an al
Qaeda terrorist cell who are involved in something that has castor beans
which is a precursor to the development of the poison risen. By having
one analytical unit, the solution to this can be found both on the
domestic front and the foreign front. It minimizes the risks that the
CIA would see this as a foreign issue to be dealt with in a foreign
matter because they pick up a report that's a foreign country that is
developing the ricin, while the FBI collects information with domestic

The best way to tie the foreign to the domestic is to have the analyst
looking at the same informationat the same time, and therefore, to
determine whether or not counter efforts need to be focused on both
domestically and foreign, as opposed to just one or the other. That's
the best way to wrap up a threat and to stop a threat, is to focus on
the threat in its entirety, whether it's foreign or domestic. That's an
example of how tying the analysis together binds the agencies deeper and
better in the analysis of what the information means.

Q -- said this morning, though, that this new group can sort of task
intelligence gathering. I mean, it wouldn't be done by them, but they
could say we need more on X, or go do that. Is that right, that they
could do an affirmative kind of --

MR. FLEISCHER: Correct, they can talk to the agencies about it, and say,
our analysis indicates that additional information is needed; can you
obtain this, can you obtain that.

Q So they could tell the FBI, go try to obtain X.

MR. FLEISCHER: That's correct. But the FBI or the CIA would do the
collecting. So, in other words, they're not operational, they're


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