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[] ehemaliger NIPC-Direktor geht zu CSC,

Former NIPC Director Joins CSC

By Dennis Fisher
February 3, 2003 

Ronald Dick, the former director of the FBI's National Infrastructure
Protection Center, joined Computer Sciences Corp. Monday, eliminating
himself from consideration for the top security job at the Department
of Homeland Security.

Dick had been considered one of the candidates for director of the
Information Analysis and Infrastructure Protection division of the new
department. The director will oversee all of the information security
assets and operations of the department.

CSC, based in El Segundo, Calif., hired Dick as the director of
information assurance strategic initiatives. In this capacity he'll be
part of the Global Information Security Services unit and will be
responsible for developing the market strategy for CSC's dealings with
Homeland Security. He'll also provide technical assistance and
solution-development services to government agencies regarding
information assurance.

Dick joined the NIPC in 1998 and served as section chief in two
different sections before he was named director in March 2001. Dick
had recently resigned from the FBI, although he is still listed as the
director on the NIPC's Web site.

The NIPC has come under sharp criticism in recent years for being slow
to identify and respond to major threats on the Internet, including
Code Red and the recent Slammer worm. Critics have also said that the
center and its counterparts in other parts of the government fail to
share enough information with each other. This is a situation that
many hope will be rectified by the consolidation of many of the
government's security organizations under the Homeland Security

CSC does a large amount of government contracting work related to
security and information assurance and has about 1,000 employees in
the unit that Dick will join.

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