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[] Zeichen an der Wand,

Budget focuses foreign aid against terror
By Eli J. Lake / UPI State Department Correspondent
Published 2/3/2003 7:02 PM


Must read:
Thursday, 6 February, 2003, 22:09 GMT
Transcript of Blair's Iraq interview
Tony Blair appeared on BBC Newsnight on 6 February where he was quizzed 
by Jeremy Paxman and a panel of voters about the Iraq crisis.

Thursday, February 6, 2003
Guernica Reproduction Covered at UN

NEW YORK.- The "Guernica" work by Pablo Picasso at the entrance of the 
Security Council of the United Nations has been covered with a curtain. 
The reason for covering this work is that this is the place where 
diplomats make statements to the press and have this work as the 
background. The Picasso work features the horrors of war. On January 27 
a large blue curtain  was placed to cover the work.

Fred Eckhard, press secretary of the U.N. said: "It is an appropriate 
background for the cameras." He was questioned as to why the work had 
been covered.

A diplomat stated that it would not be an appropriate background if the 
ambassador of the United States at the U.N. John Negroponte, or Powell, 
talk about war surrounded with women, children and animals shouting with 
horror and showing the suffering of the bombings.

This work is a reproduction of the Guernica that was donated by Mrs. 
Nelson A. Rockefeller to the U.N. in 1985.

Hidden Treasures. What's so controversial about Picasso's Guernica?
By David Cohen
Posted Thursday, February 6, 2003, at 3:56 PM PT


Grüße an alle
Elvi Claßen

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