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[] The Virtual March on Washington,
SPIN OF THE DAY/Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Marching on Washington for Peace - Virtually
The burgeoning US anti-war movement is showing a sophistication for 
grassroots lobbying normally only used by major corporate PR efforts. 
Today, for instance, hundreds of thousands of US citizens are 
participating in "a massive march on Washington without leaving your 
living room. The Virtual March on Washington is a first-of-its-kind 
campaign from the Win Without War coalition. Working together, we will 
direct a steady stream of phone calls -- about one per minute, all day 
-- to every Senate office in the country, while at the same time 
delivering a constant stream of e-mails and faxes. Our message: Don't 
Attack Iraq. To register to send a free fax and make phone calls to 
Senate offices and the White House, visit:":

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