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[] Interne Kommunikation der US Forces: Stars and Stripes,

Stars and Stripes Carrying the News Where The Action Is (05-Mrz-2003 5:21)
Special to the American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, March 4, 2003 -- As the United States readies for a
potential offensive on Iraq, Stars and Stripes is gearing up to
cover the war and to distribute the daily newspaper to thousands
of troops deployed throughout the Persian Gulf region.

Stars and Stripes reporters have been on the ground covering
troop movements and exercises in the region for several weeks. A
news bureau was established in Kuwait in January. Reporters are
scheduled to accompany the Japan-based Kitty Hawk carrier group,
the Army's 3rd Infantry Division in Kuwait and Europe-based
airmen currently deployed to the Gulf region.

"Like any commercial newspaper, all of our reporters embedded
with fighting units will have to use discretion in reporting
what's happening. For the rest, Stars and Stripes is free to
report, accurately and fairly, what its reporters see," said
Dave Mazzarella, the paper's editorial director.

Stripes' Gulf region coverage will differ at times from
commercially owned stateside news organizations, because it has
a unique, clearly defined audience -- service members, according
to publisher Thomas Kelsch. "Our mission is to report about the
troops, for the troops and their family members," he said.

Stars and Stripes' Persian Gulf mission is not limited to
reporting. Production, circulation and distribution personnel
are making final plans to ensure deployed troops have access to
the newspaper.

Copies distributed to troops in the Gulf region are currently
printed at Stripes' European headquarters near Frankfurt,
Germany, and are shipped daily by air freight. Troops in the
Gulf Region currently receive the European edition, but the
paper's management is prepared to contract and use print sites
located nearer the forces, if necessary. The newspaper also
plans to publish a special edition for the region.

Stars and Stripes has continued a legacy of putting out a daily
paper in the midst of bombs and battles during every major
conflict since the American Civil War. It has remained
editorially independent and continuously published since World
War II.

The DoD-authorized daily newspaper provides commercially
available U.S. and world news and original staff-produced
stories for the overseas-based U.S. military community.  By
keeping its audience informed, Stars and Stripes enhances
military readiness and better enables the U.S. military and its
families stationed overseas to exercise their citizenship

(From a Stars and Stripes release.)

200303045a.jpg Service members enjoy the news of the day when they are
deployed away from their stateside or overseas duty stations. The Stars and
Stripes has continued a legacy of putting out a daily newspaper during every
major conflict since the American Civil War. (Click photo for screen-
resolution image.)

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