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[] CfP: Little Sister Conference (Sicherheit für Protestbewegungen),

Interessant: Die neue Protestbewegung (die Mail kommt aus dem Umfeld der
Globalisierungskritiker) scheint im Zuge von "War on Terrorism",
Homeland Security und des allgemein wachsenden Konformitätsdrucks jetzt
auch das Thema "IT-Sicherheit" entdeckt zu haben, mit allem was dazu
gehört: Verschlüsselung, Insider-Threats, OpSec, etc. Phil Zimmermans
Motiv für die Entwicklung von PGP war übrigens genau dieser Schutz von
politischem Aktivismus. Die ersten Einsatzgebiete von PGP waren
allerdings eher in Mittel- und Südamerika...


Date: Fri, 28 Feb 2003 09:27:28 -0800
From: secure -!
- resist -
Subject: Little Sister 2003 - info and registration

Little Sister 2003

Community Resistance, Security, Law and Technology 

Vancouver, British Columbia (Coast Salish Territory)
Martime Labour Centre
May 9-11, 2003 


The Goal is Freedom:

We believe our greatest strength in defeating the security and legal
maneuvers used against us as community organizers is by unifying and
building common cause in our movements. This means building diverse
coalitions who are willing to support each other in order to create safe
spaces for oppposition to the policies and practices of governments and
corporations. Ultimately, as organizers, our goal is to resist the
injustices that our communities face, while retaining our physical and
emotional freedom. 

Little Sister 2003 is the first conference of its kind being held in
North America. The conference focus is specifically on community
resistance and the security and legal needs of autonomous movements.
Some of the topics we aim to cover through workshops and panel
discussions include: 

* Training the Trainers 
* Computer Security for Non-Geeks 
* Understanding Law Enforcement "Intelligence" 
* Surveillance Measures & Countermeasures 
* Security for Organizations 
* Informers and Infiltrators 
* Security Culture 
* "At-risk" Communities - Special Organizing Considerations 
* Infiltration by Right-Wing Agendas 
* Communicating Securely 
* Trends in Law 
* The Legal System & You 
* Does the Law Ever Work For Us? 
* Political Climates and Repression 
* Action-Planning & Security 
* Security Technology 
* Secure Systems Administration 
* PGP - What is it? How do we use it? 
* When the Cops Come Knocking 

Workshop Proposals Needed: 

WE NEED PEOPLE to facilitate and lead these, and other workshops. If you
are interested in presenting on any of these topics (or others), or
speaking on a panel please submit a workshop/skillshare proposal no
later than March 20th so we can start to formulate and publicize the
conference agenda. There is a form for workshop submissions online at 


Local organizers are working to make this conference as open as
possible. We are able to provide billeting for out of town guests, child
care and a fully wheelchair accessible space for the conference itself
(if you have special housing needs, we will do our best to accomodate
those as well). 

Although there are no travel subsidies available, we do have bursaries
for participating in the conference at a 100% subsidization rate for
those unable to pay.  


Registration is now open for the conference. Online, the registration
form can be found at If you
wish to register via email or phone, please contact the Little Sister
2003 Organizing Collective using the contact info provided below. 

The Bottom Line..... 

As organizers everywhere know, changes in political climate and to
statutes and legislation over the past several years have allowed for a
lot more harassment, infiltration, and criminalization of community
organizations and their members. A tremendous strength can be found in
bringing together these experiences to examine how we might make
security skills and techniques a part of our organizing tool-box.  

Contact the organizing collective at:
info -!
- littlesister2003 -
phone: 604-682-3269 ext 7038. (website under development)

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