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[] NYT & Nancy Snow zum Rücktritt von Charlotte Beers,
March 4, 2003: Powell Aide Quits Position Promoting U.S.

WASHINGTON -- Charlotte Beers, the former advertising executive who has 
been in charge of the Bush administration's global campaign to enhance 
the image of the United States among Muslims, resigned today for what 
she said were health reasons.
Ms. Beers's resignation surprised both her supporters and those in the 
administration and Congress who found some of her ventures ineffective, 
including a widely publicized video last year featuring American Muslims 
speaking favorably about their life in the United States. Several Arab 
countries refused to show the video, and the State Department cut back 
its distribution. (...)
Published on Tuesday, March 4, 2003
While the Propaganda Czar Departs, the Product Pitching Remains
By Nancy Snow

Just last Thursday, Charlotte Beers, undersecretary of state for public 
diplomacy and public affairs, gave testimony before the Senate Foreign 
Relations Committee about American public diplomacy and Islam. She 
reported a "steep learning curve" after September 11th associated with 
building a positive image of America in the Muslim world, one that was 
being overcome through increases in radio (Radio Sawa, Radio Farda), 
television (a planned Middle East Television Network), and through 
author tours like Ken Pollack's State-Department junket to tout the 
pro/con Iraqi invasion book, "The Threatening Storm." Guess which side 
of this very dangerous equation he might favor? Also mentioned was the 
ill-fated "Muslim Life in America" advertising campaign, those 
two-minute commercials that ran in a few Muslim countries, but which for 
the most part, were soundly rejected as self-serving propaganda products 
at worst, and paid political advertisements at best. (...)

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