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[] USA: Top Homeland hires considered,

Langsam scheinen sie doch noch Leute zu finden, die diesen undankbaren
Job machen wollen. Aber eher aus der C-Liga: "Little is known about

Top Homeland hires considered

By Judi Hasson 
March 12, 2003

The Bush administration is considering hiring New York City's 
counterterrorism chief and Coca-Cola Co.'s top cybersecurity watchdog 
for top jobs in the new Homeland Security Department, Federal Computer 
Week has learned.

Retired Marine Corps Lt. Gen. Frank Libutti, who took on the New York 
City post Jan. 16, 2002, is being considered as undersecretary for 
intelligence analysis and infrastructure protection for the new 

And Robert Liscouski, the director of information assurance for the 
soft-drink maker, is under consideration for assistant secretary for 
infrastructure protection.

Background checks are just beginning for the potential candidates, and 
the nomination process could take weeks or months to complete.

Prior to his service for New York City, Libutti served as special 
assistant for homeland security at the Defense Department. Prior to 
that, he was commander of Marine Corps Forces in the Pacific.

Libutti's office at the New York City Police Department declined to 
comment. The office was created to detect, prevent and investigate 

Little is known about Liscouski. Calls to his office were not 

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