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[] Bush Fills Key Cybersecurity Posts,

Bush Fills Key Cybersecurity Posts

By Brian Krebs Staff Writer
Thursday, March 13, 2003; 4:42 PM 

The Bush administration today said it will appoint a senior Coca-Cola
Corp. executive and a former CIA official to top leadership positions
in charge of cybersecurity and intelligence gathering at the new
Department of Homeland Security.

The White House said it will name Robert Liscouski, director of
information assurance for Coca-Cola Corp., as assistant secretary of
infrastructure protection. He would be responsible for programs that
protect the nation's vital physical and digital assets from attack.  
Liscouski currently is a member of the Intelligence Science Board, a
CIA advisory panel.

The administration also named Paul Redmond, the former chief of CIA
counterintelligence, to serve as assistant secretary for information
analysis. Redmond, whose work led to the uncovering of CIA spy Aldrich
Ames, is preparing a report to the CIA on the damage done to U.S.  
intelligence efforts by Robert Hanssen, the FBI counterintelligence
expert convicted of spying for Russia.

Observers applauded Liscouski's selection as assistant secretary,
saying his experience on information assurance issues indicates that
the White House plans to keep a spotlight on cybersecurity.

"Liscouski has a good reputation within industry for caring about
these issues, and part and parcel of his responsibility at Coke would
have been to manage a very active cybersecurity program," said Mario
Correa, director of Internet and network security policy at the
Business Software Alliance.

Neither Liscouski nor Redmond could be immediately reached for

The White house still has not settled on a nominee to lead the
Homeland Security division where Liscouski and Redmond will serve,
known as the Information Analysis and Infrastructure Protection
Directorate (IAIP).

Administration officials said, however, that they are in the final
stages of vetting Frank Libutti -- deputy commissioner of
counterterrorism for the New York City Policy Department -- as
undersecretary for IAIP. The retired Marine lieutenant general was
instrumental in helping set up the new department, serving as the
administration's special assistant for homeland security until January

The administration sources also said Howard Schmidt -- a former
Microsoft security chief and the current White House cybersecurity
adviser -- is negotiating a move to become cybersecurity adviser for
the Homeland Security Department, reporting to department Secretary
Tom Ridge.

Schmidt was not immediately available for comment.

Many observers had feared that cybersecurity matters would be
overlooked as a subset of the infrastructure protection post. Their
fears were compounded last month when cybersecurity adviser Richard
Clarke resigned from his post and the administration issued an
executive order abolishing the cybersecurity board that Clarke
chaired, transferring its duties to the Homeland Security department.

Department officials declined to comment.

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