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[] "Embedded Ground Rules",

"Sydney H Schanberg, the celebrated
former correspondent for the
New York Times ... said this week
that the rules were ambiguous
and clearly designed to ensure
'good PR' for the military."

Patrick Barrett
US reporters condemn Pentagon press controls
Thursday February 27, 2003


Coalition Forces Land Component Command (CFLCC) Ground Rules Agreement

The Military's Embedding Guidelines

Read Introduction by Joel Campagna
Recent Developments

March 7: In his news conference last night, President George W. 
Bush--responding to a reporter's question about possible advance warnings 
to weapons inspectors and humanitarian workers in Iraq before a 
potential military attack--urged journalists to leave Iraq if war takes 
place. His comment followed warnings from Pentagon officials last week 
that journalists' safety cannot be guaranteed in Iraq in the event of 
U.S. military action in the region. (...)

US reporters condemn Pentagon press controls
Patrick Barrett
Thursday February 27, 2003

Senior US war reporters have launched a scathing attack on new rules 
issued by the Pentagon detailing how the media will be allowed to cover 
any conflict in Iraq. (...)

The Press Prepares for War
Ten Questions

After sparring with the military since Vietnam over battlefield access, 
the press appears to have scored a victory. In December, Pentagon 
officials announced that if there is fighting in Iraq, reporters will 
travel with front-line troops. Though designed to counter Saddam 
Hussein's propaganda, the new rules seem preferable to the frustrating 
pool arrangement used during the gulf war. "If they follow through(...)

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